Dedicated to the life and work of

Ernest Frederic Graham Thesiger

January 15, 1879 - January 14, 1961


Ernest Thesiger was an actor now primarily known for the two films he made with director James Whale, “The Old Dark House” (1932) and “Bride of Frankenstein” (1935), but in his time he was a tremendously popular and successful figure on the London stage, one of Bernard Shaw’s favorite actors.  A notorious eccentric, he was as interesting as the characters he portrayed on stage and screen.  He originally trained to be a painter and continued to paint and exhibit his watercolors throughout life.  He was a world-class embroiderer in petit point who exhibited his work in international needlework shows and wrote a book, Adventures in Embroidery.  Never idle for a moment, he also pursued many other arts and crafts, as well as being constantly involved in charitable endeavors such as the Disabled Soldiers Embroidery Industry.

I fell in love with Ernest while reading his published memoir, Practically True (1927) and wanted to know more about him, but found there was no published biography of him nor much information about him on the internet, so I determined to make the most comprehensive biographical website for him that I could manage, adhering as much as possible to primary sources.

HL Tyler