Ernest Thesiger as Mr. Bly

Court Theatre, London

April 25 - May 27, 1922

39 perf


“Much of the best dialogue is given to Mr. March and the window-cleaner.  The latter is a highly fantastic figure, with his resigned pessimism, his tireless volubility, and his smattering of philosophic writers; but I should hesitate to say that he is impossible, and I enjoyed him greatly.  He is far less of a monster, anyhow, than Mr. Doolittle, the dustman; and if one doubts him at first, one believes in him before long.  Mr. Ernest Thesiger gave a really brilliant performance of this strange mixture of nonsense and wisdom and tragedy.  A very little exaggeration would have thrown it into the world of sheer farce, but Mr. Thesiger came through it triumphantly, and it was easily the best thing of the evening.”

Valentine Goldie, The Saturday Review, May 13, 1922