“This Time It’s Love”

Ernest Thesiger as Louche

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

July 6, 1943

King’s Theatre, Southsea

October ?, 1943

Grand Theatre, Blackpool

October 26, 1943

Comedy Theatre, London

November 24 - March 11, 1944

George Desmond replaced Thesiger in February

132 perf


Louche: ‘Of course Florence is an adorable woman.’  Louche (Ernest Thesiger) reluctantly praises Florence Beudouin with whom he himself is very much in love, to her vacillating future husband, Gustave Chantonnet (Charles Heslop).”

Florence: ‘When we walk down the aisle together, another triumph will have been won over bourgeois respectability.’  Florence (Ellen Pollock) tries to explain to the disconsolate Louche the advantages of her forthcoming marriage to her ninth lover, Gustave.”

“The Louche of Ernest Thesiger is so well done that even though he fails to win Florence he at least wins his audience.”

The Stage, July 29, 1943

Louche:  ‘I’ve got a little method of my own.’  Florence, overcome by a series of crises, faints.  In such a situation Louche is more resourceful than her doctor son, Robert (Dennis Bowen).”

Florence: ‘Oh he’s only Louche.’  Florence does not take seriously Gabrielle’s suggestion that she should marry her faithful old adorer Louche, now that it seems her future husband has run away.”

Theatre World, February, 1944

“Ernest Thesiger has a cleverly sustained character study as the ever-faithful Louche, whose lovelorn devotion to Florence expresses itself in handy little ways about the house...”

Liverpool Evening Express, July 27, 1943