“The Second Mrs. Tanqueray”

Ernest Thesiger as Sir George Orreyed

The Playhouse Theatre, London 

June 3 - December 16, 1922

221 perf


The Sketch, July 19, 1922

“More, much more than neatly does Mr. Thesiger play the unpleasant Baronet who seeks consolation in the bottle for the unduly decorative quality of his wife.  Perhaps it was a poor compliment to the lively vulgarity of Miss Olwen Roose.  But the rudeness was Sir Arthur Pinero’s, and it gives Mr. Thesiger the excuse for a study of post-prandial unpleasantness full of admirably unpleasing detail.  That detestably open-mouthed sleep on the sofa after one too many of ‘his moods’ is a thing to remember, even though it takes the whole play dangerously near farce.”

The Sketch, August 2, 1922

with Olwen Roose, Ernest Haines, and Gladys Cooper.  The Play Pictorial, v.40-41, 1922.

“Sir George Orreyed is Restrained by Paula Tanqueray.  Mr. Ernest Thesiger as Sir George.  The scene in the drawing-room at ‘Highercoombe’ in Act IV.  The drunken baronet has an annoying trick of smashing things when ill-tempered.  As his wife says, ‘Dear old pet! He loves a bit of Dresden when he’s furious.’  In this particular case, however, Paula intervenes.  Instead of smashing the ornament he replaces it, and goes up to bed.”

The Sphere, July 29, 1922