“The Only Girl”

Ernest Thesiger as The Chamberlain


Fox Film/UFA

Director:  Friedrich Hollaender

The Chamberlain


“One wonders what Ernest Thesiger is doing in this galere until one remembers that his brilliant versatility made him the mainspring of a pre-war farce, A Little Bit of Fluff, and provided the inimitable study of the Dauphin in Shaw’s St. Joan.  In The Only Girl, as a ludicrous Lord Chamberlain, he flavours humour with ‘preciousness,’ and subtly introduces a tinge of satire to distinguish the undistinguished and lift fatuity, if not to the heights, at least to the foothills of irony.”

The Bystander, September 20, 1933

The Bystander, November 30, 1932