“The Love Thief”

Ernest Thesiger as Giannetto Malespini

Comedy Theatre, London

September 6 - October, 1921

38 perf


The Sketch, September 14, 1921

“‘The Love Thief’ at the Comedy - The Burly Neri Drinks with the Crafty Poet, Giannetto.  This is the first act of ‘The Love Thief’ at the Comedy, Mr. C. B.  Fernald’s adaptation of the Italian dramatist Sem Benelli’s play ‘La Cena delle Beffe.’  In this act the crafty Giannetto, realising that a direct frontal attack on his tormentor, Neri, will do no good, works him up by clever insults and insinuations, and by discreetly filling his glass, to declare that he will go to a certain wine shop in the city and defy the Medici.  The scene in which the act takes place is Tornaquinci’s house.  After Neri leaves his foolhardiness bears fruit, and in the succeeding acts we see the plight to which folly has reduced one of the mightiest men in Florence.  The play, splendidly acted by a strong cast, gives no indication of the unexpected ending, which comes as a great surprise.”

The Sphere, October 8, 1921