“The Devil Passes”

Ernest Thesiger as Cosmo Penny

Selwyn Theatre, New York

January 1 - March 26, 1932

96 perf


“The casting is all that one could desire.  There is Mr. Rathbone, to look most devilish; Arthur Byron, to give one of those gruff, huskily poweful performances of his; Miss Mary Nash to appear gracefully and epigramatically as the actress; Ernest Thesiger to whinny entertainingly as the novelist with a heart of gold and a style of Conrad; Ernest Cossart, to be agreeably gruff in his turn as the artist; Robert Loraine to go convincingly mad as the atheistic preist; Miss Diana Wynyard to be beautiful as the beautiful girl.  And there is Miss Cecilia Loftus to five three or four minutes of as good acting as the town has had occasion to applaud for many days.”

The New York Sun, January 5, 1932