“The Country Wife”

Ernest Thesiger as Sir Jasper Fidget

National Theatre, Washington DC

November 11 - 23, 1957

Adelphi Theatre, New York

November 27- December 21, 1957

Henry Miller’s Theatre, New York

December 23, 1957 - January 4, 1958


"There was a scene in which actor Ernest Thesiger had to get angry with his wife [played by Pamela Brown], and he yelled, ‘You libidinous lady!'  One night, when he said 'libidinous,' his false teeth fell out into a hat he was holding. He reached in and replaced them, but everyone [onstage] was paralyzed with laughter -- except Julie [Harris], who hadn't seen it happen. She wasn't a giggler anyway. She maintained total sense."

Richard Easton, interview with Michael Buckley, 2007