“Saint Joan”

Ernest Thesiger as The Dauphin

New Theatre, London

March 26 - October 25, 1924

244 perf


His Majesty’s Theatre, London

April 6 - May 9, 1931

Haymarket Theatre, London

May 12- 16, 1931

48 perf

Malvern Festival




“...the Dauphin was beautifully played  by Mr. Thesiger, who showed beneath his astonishing grotesquerie the pity and pathos of all weakness.”

“Mr. Ernest Thesiger’s Dauphin is as farcical as Mr. Thesiger and Mr. Shaw between them can make it.  You don’t believe in this Dauphin, cowering before his Archbishop of Rheims and his Constable of France, but you laugh at him heartily enough.”

The Saturday Review, July 1924

Original costume designs by

Charles Ricketts

The role of the Dauphin was written by George Bernard Shaw for Ernest, who was one of Shaw’s favorite actors. 

The Stage, July 31, 1924

The Times, March 27, 1924

James Agate

The Sunday Times

March 30, 1924

With Wendy Hiller, 1936.

With Elisabeth Bergner. Caricature by Stanley Parker, Theatre World, September 1938.