Ernest Thesiger’s



"It was said that he always wore a string of very good pearls round his own neck, and never took it off for fear that the loss of the warmth of his skin might spoil their quality.  One night at the beginning of 1940 there was an air raid warning at Oxford, where he happened to be acting in a new play, and was staying at the Randolph Hotel.  All the guests were ordered to go down to the basement shelter.  Ernest created somewhat of a sensation, vividly dressed in Russian high-necked pyjamas and a spectacular dressing-gown, and sat bolt-upright in a corner with his spectacles on his nose and a piece of embroidery in his hands.  After a while the assembled company began to doze and he knew he was no longer attracting such conspicuous interest.  Suddenly he clutched his throat and cried 'My God!  My pearls!  No, no, it's all right.  I've got them on.'" 

John Gielgud, Distinguished Company

“Botzaris holds the theory that his busts should reveal something about the sitter that is not generally noticed...Few people know that Mr. Ernest Thesiger, the actor, wears a pearl necklace below his shirt ‘for luck.’  The necklace is revealed in the sculptured portrait of him.”

Dundee Courier, January 18, 1929

Sava Botzaris with his portrait of Ernest.

Sculpture of Ernest wearing his pearls, by Sava Botzaris, 1929