Ernest Thesiger as Roderigo

His Majesty’s Theatre, London

April 9-May 25, 1912

43 perf


with Herbert Carter, Phyllis Neilson-Terry, Sir Herbert Tree

“‘Othello’ was not one of Tree’s best parts, and I don’t think he ever took it very seriously.  He used to stride about the stage making strange ‘jealous noises,’ which sounded like the mooing of a cow in calf.  One night he and I were having an animated conversation in the wings, when I suddenly realized that he had missed his entrance. ‘Sir Herbert!” I cried. ‘Your cue has gone!’  ‘Oooooh,’ mooed Tree, just to keep the action of the play going, and then in a whisper, ‘come to supper in the Dome tomorrow - Ooooooh! - We must thresh this question out - Ooooooh! - I want to know what you think about - Ooooooh! - my new leading lady.’  And he walked on to the stage still lowing.”

Ernest Thesiger, Practically True