“Old Heidelberg”

Ernest Thesiger as A Student

St. James’s Theatre, London



Night after night I used to cry when singing the student’s song in the last pathetic act, until one night it occurred to me to look at the little books we carried, and found that they were really goody-goody stories about a certain young lady called ‘Little Harriet.’  After that I found it very hard to keep from laughing, as I eagerly read my nightly installment of Little Harriet’s spiritual adventures, especially as one of my neighbors, who had also succumbed to the moral charms of that lady, used to whisper spicy extracts from his song-book in my ear.

Although that was the smallest part I ever played - I only had one line to say - in some ways it was my happiest engagement.  All the students were very jolly fellows, the play itself was a joy to me, and ‘Katie’ was exquisitely played by that delightful actress and charming woman, Eva Moore.”

Ernest Thesiger, Practically True