Ernest Thesiger as Sir Orpheus Midlander

Malvern Festival

August 1, 1938

Saville Theatre, London

November 22, 1938 - January 28, 1939

St. James’s Theatre, London

January 30 - May 13, 1939 

Saville Theatre, London

May 15 - June 17, 1939

237 perf


Act 3 of “Geneva” by George Bernard Shaw was relay broadcast by BBC TV from St. James’s Theatre on April 23, 1939.

With Walter Hudd and Alexander Knox

With Alison Leggatt

With Cyril Gardiner (left) and Clement McCallin

The Sketch, August 10, 1938

“We meet, for example, Sir Orpheus Midlander, for whom Mr. Ernest Thesiger presents a clever picture of that monocled innocence which is not half so foolish as it seems.  This exponent of Chamberlainite appeasement coos like a dover, but does not wholly lack the wisdom of the serpent.  He is shouted down by the Bombardones and the Battlers, but when he gets his word in edgeways, that word is found to have an edge on it.  It is difficult to find out what his policy is, but, when you do discover it, you realise that there can be a lot of sense without much showmanship.”