“Cochran’s Revue of 1926”

Ernest Thesiger as Performer

London Pavilion

April 29 - September 4

148 perf


For Punch by William Haselden

“Ernest Thesiger in the flesh is one of the players; such a pity.  He is far too good for the best of revues, far too good even to make the sensation he did with that extraordinary draped white waistcoat.”

The Telegraph, Brisbane, July 1, 1926

Ernest rehearsing with Andree Spinelly and Douglas Byng.  The Sketch, March 17, 1926

The Sphere, March 27, 1926

With Andree Spinelly. The Sphere July 24, 1926

For The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News by Edward S. Hynes

The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, May 8, 1926