“The Circle”

Ernest Thesiger as Arnold Champion-Cheney

Haymarket Theatre, London

March 3 - August 6, 1921

180 perf


With Fay Compton

"My part of the pompous prig of a husband was psychologically complicated...

In many ways it was the hardest and at the same time the most thankless part I have ever had to play..."

Mr. Ernest Thesiger could be heard, but he was miscast; his oddity of manner and appearance did not assimilate with the words he uttered.”

“..the only thing that Ernest Thesiger, the husband, caresses is his thirty-five pound Sheraton chair, and I’m not sure that he hadn’t good reason;  the furniture was obviously more genuine than some of Somerset Maugham’s characters.”

The Sketch, April 6, 1921

Ernest Thesiger, Practically True

Archibald Haddon, Green Room Gossip

The Sketch, March 16, 1921

“Arnold Champion-Cheney, M.P. (Mr. Ernest Thesiger) Chooses a Chair.”

The Sphere, April 2, 1921

Mr. Thesiger had a more difficult part.  Great earnestness was asked of him under farcical conditions.  He was perhaps a little too restless with his long raking strides; but he showed a fine turn of nervous courage in dealing with his wife’s lover.”

Punch, March 9, 1921

“Mr. Ernest Thesiger has made Arnold the young M.P. admirably irritating and neurasthenic, and he got into a capital rage in the second act.  His study of the character was both amusing and interesting, with many small subtleties of trick and gesture.”

The Spectator, March 26, 1921