“Stolen Fruit”

Ernest Thesiger as Bertie Lloyd

Tivoli Theatre, London

March 17- ?, 1913


“The Tivoli.  On Monday, March 17, was produced here a dramatic comedietta, by Cecil Twyford, entitled:

‘Stolen Fruit’

Hon. Mrs. George Wilson........Miss Sybil de Bray

Bertie Lloyd.............................Mr. Ernest Thesiger

Isobel........................................Miss Hilda Moore

Scene. - Bertie’s Painting Room.  Time. - Midnight

‘Stolen Fruit’ proves to be a clever variant of the burglar theme.  It is ingeniously constructed, and contains many smart lines and effective situations.  Its story tells of un affaire de coeur between Bertie Lloyd and the Hon. Mrs. George Wilson.  Both are married, but not to each other, and the trouble commences with a midnight meeting at Lloyd’s studio.  Unhappily for them their love making is witnessed by a lady burglar, and she conceives a daring plan.  A door is heard to slam, and the couple believe that the sound betokens the return of Mrs. Lloyd.  Lloyd, therefore, leaves the room, and a strikingly handsome woman enters.  Mrs. Wilson, of course, is all nerves and seeks to make some explanation of her presence and depart hurriedly.  Eventually she escapes from her embarrassing position, leaving behind her many trinkets and other articles of value which the newcomer (Isobel) purloins.  With remarkable effrontery Isobel then gives Lloyd the cue to return, and when he has recovered from his surprise she explains that they are both thieves, only one steals goods and the other wives.  Ere Isobel departs she relieves Lloyd of sundry valuables, as well as a cheque for £500, knowing full well that he dare not complain.  Miss Hilda Moore plays with delightful sang-froid as Isobel, and Miss Sybil de Bray hits off the foibles of Mrs. Wilson very neatly.  Capital comedy work is done by Mr. Ernest Thesiger.  ‘Stolen Fruit’ should have a large measure of success.”

The Stage, March 20, 1913