“Grand Pantomime of Cinderella”

Ernest Thesiger as Baroness Sunnydale

Endell Street Military Hospital

December ?, 1917

1 perf


“A delightfully nonsensical ‘Grand Pantomime of Cinderella,’ a new version of this ancient fairy-tale, with clever topical hits by Mrs. J.T. Grein, was given at the Military Hospital in Endell Street.  The charming modern Cinderella (Miss Meggie Albanesi) was the daughter of Baron Sunnydale (M. Max Mossel), and had two simpering half-sisters, Lobelia (Mis Inez Bensusan) and Hydrangea (Miss Agnes Thomas), daughters of the Baroness Sunnydale (killingly acted by Mr. Ernest Thesiger).  In the Baron’s kitchen, when Cook (Miss Clare Greet) and Jane (Miss Massie Horne) went on strike, induced by the Demon Discontent (Mr. Arthur Fayne), the lanky, skittish, resourceful Baroness overcomes all domestic difficulties by despatching her family for ‘a coal’ and two lumps of sugar.  The sugar arrives in straw in a huge box, almost lost like the proverbial needle.  Then follows the concoction of a monumental rabbit-pie, of dough, a woolly rabbit, a snake, and the lady’s ‘false front,’ which she deftly removes from her noble head.”

The Sketch, January 9, 1918