“When Crummles Played”

Ernest Thesiger as Master Crummles/George Barnwell

Lyric Hammersmith

June 2 - September 10, 1927

115 perf


With Miriam Lewis.

With William Lugg.

“‘When Crummles Played’ has been inspired by the Crummles of ‘Nicholas Nickleby,’ whom we see in the prologue with his company of actors, plus Nicholas himself, who has just joined the company.  Then we are given a play, ‘George Barnwell, or the London Merchant,’ a tragedy in three acts as the Crummles company might have played it.  This play, by George Lille, is said to have been a favorite with the Victorian barnstormers.  It is the sheerest melodrama - all about a youth who is induced by a bad woman to rob his employer and murder his uncle, but it is delightfully ‘guyed’ by Mr Ernest Thesiger, Mr Wilfred Shine, Miss Hermione Baddeley, and others.”

Aberdeen Journal, Friday 3, 1927