“The Rainbow” revue

Ernest Thesiger as Madam Caliente and other roles

Empire Theatre, London

April 3 - June 9, 1923

117 perf


“..and among other principals are Ernest Thesiger (very funny as a vampire actress and an Egyptian),...”

The Stage, April 5, 1923

“There were two other jokes elaborated up into little sketches which played amusingly mainly because they were so well acted by Mr. Ernest Thesiger.  As Madam Callienti in ‘The Price of Love,’ Mr. Thesiger occasionally lapsed deliciously into an imitation of Mrs. Pat, and he was also very good as the husband in ‘All Correct.’”

The Era, April 11, 1923

“...Mr. Ernest Thesiger remains, and continues to be the strong prop of the entertainment.  Indeed, it is interesting to note how skillfully this accomplished actor, who has won fame in Barrie, Galsworthy, and Arnold Bennett plays, adjusts himself to his new milieu.  He gets his best effects as the red-haired lady with a past in the sketch entitled ‘The Price of True Love’; but he is not always given good enough material, and the sooner the Empire librettists find him parts as effective as that of this gay dame the better will be the chances of their entertainment.”

The Illustrated London News, April 14, 1923

“Mr. Ernest Thesiger as Madame Calliente in ‘The Price of Love’; in the Egyptian scene, ‘Pharoah Among the Ruins’ (one of the best and most laughable things in the revue); and in other episodes, gives very humorous impersonations.”

The Era, May 16, 1923

“There is a clever skit on the Ministry of Health (or ‘Stealth,’ as it is spelt in the programme) in the year 1973, in which Mr. Ernest Thesiger undergoes a treatment which ends in his being brought to an untimely end.”

The Western Morning News and Mercury, April 5, 1923

The Tatler, May 9, 1923