“The Dark Horse”

Ernest Thesiger as Rev. Timothy Quaintance

Grand Theatre, Blackpool,

January 26 , 1931

Grand Theatre, Croydon

February 2 - 8, 1931


“A parson who believes that a race-horse is scratched because it itches, and is at some pains to understand that there are ‘tipsters’ and ‘tipsters,’ such as blacksmiths who put steel tips on horses and others whose tips make people ‘put their shirts’ on horses, is Mr. Ernest Thesiger’s latest role in the farce, ‘The Dark Horse,’ to be produced next week at the Croydon Grand Theatre.

The play, which is by L. Arthur Rose, has not a dull moment.  Mr. Thesiger is a parson, who, in his love for the beautiful Mary Wallington, daughter of a gambling family, forsakes his anti-gambling league principles and brings down a shoal of trouble on his shoulders.  Adele Dixon, as Mary, and Frank Bertram, as Snibson, a hard-boiled racing habitue, who is converted to the anti-gambling league until he find the dark horse at 20 to 1 odds, are splendidly portrayed.”

Surrey Mirror and County Post, January 30, 1931