Ernest Thesiger as Sir Henry Considine

Vaudeville Theatre, London

December 14, 1927 - January 21, 1928

50 perf


“In being adapted from a play by Mr. John Irvine, much of the brilliant comedy of the original has been retained and from this it is that ‘Sylvia’ derives its chief merit.  As a musical entertainment it is certainly ‘different,’ which cannot be said of all the shows advertised as such, and if most of the leading players in the company are not as effective as they might be when it comes to songs and dances, they have little left to learn of the business of comedy acting.”

The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, January 7, 1928

“Mr. Ernest Thesiger, with his independent, aristocratic air, is also a comedian of the first water; and when he sings - better than others - he is too funny for words; he revels in his tour de force.”

The Sketch, December 28, 1927

The Sphere, January 14, 1928