Ernest Thesiger

BBC Radio



Ernest Thesiger and Nancy Roberts, Dramatic Sketches; “Aunt Elija,” “Their Point of View”

August 23


Mock trial arranged by Ernest Thesiger

January 29


Poems selected from “The Bard of the Dimbovitza”

January 23


“If” by Lord Dunsany

December  4

John Beal


Vaudeville: “Almost a Tragedy,” “The Debating Society,” “A Trial Trip”

February 9

“Little Flower of the Wood”

April 4


“Tom Thumb the Great” from the Malvern Theatre

August 11

King Arthur

“The Three Musketeers”

November 17


“Money With Menaces”

January 5

Mr. Cuba

“The Tryal of Major Stede Bonnet and other Pirates”

February 21

Nicholas Trott, Esquire, Chief Justice of the Province of South Carolina

“The Impeachment of Warren Hastings”

April 8,9

Warren Hastings

Scenes from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

May 16

Philostrate, Master of the Revels to Theseus


“Atmospherics” by Lord Dunsany

June 17

An escaped lunatic


“The Elixir of Count del Bosco, a Fifteen-minute Farce by Ernest Thesiger”

January 18

The Count del Bosco

“The Case of Lady Talond”

January 19

John Rayford, K.C.


“From the Theatre: In Good King Charles’s Golden Days”

February 10

King Charles


“The Blue-Stocking”

May 31

Trissotin, a poet

“Money With Menaces” revival

June 12

Mr. Cuba

“The New Ambassadors Revue”  (exerpt)

August 21


“£250 Red Cross Radio Contest”

August 23

“Alexander Hevsky”

December 8



“The Man in the Iron Mask”

January 5

King Louis the Fourteenth

“William Ireland’s Confession”

February 5

William Ireland

For the Forces; personal appearance at the microphone

June 21

“The Rape of the Lock: readings from poetry of Alexander Pope”

July 6

“Gibbon Joins the Home Guard”

September 15


“From the Theatre in Wartime: Macbeth”

October 7

1st Witch

For the Forces “£250 Red Cross Radio Contest”

October 17,19

“The School for Scandal”

December 27

Sir Benjamin Backbite


“Not In Our Stars”

January 22

Professor Lucius

“The Rape of the Lock”

December 29


“Alexander Nevsky”

April 10


Spelling Bee, actors vs actresses

June 18

“The History of Mr Alexander Pope”

June 23

Mr. Pope

Week’s Good Cause “For Those Who Have Seen Better Days” appeal by Thesiger on behalf of the Guild of Aid for Gentle People, the Homes of Rest for Gentlewomen, and the Friendly Almshouses

July 2


“Senior & Co”

May 3

“Time for Verse”

July 7

poetry readings

“Money With Menaces”

July 27

Mr. Cuba

“Enter Caesar”

September 20


Light Programme “Mystery Playhouse:The Pipe Smoker”

September 20

The Man



May 25, 28


“The Man Who Ate The Popomack”

June 7

Sir Philo Phaoron

“The Dialogues of Plato”

December 4



“Imaginary Conversations: The Dreams of Petrarch and Boccaccio”

December  4


Poetry Reading: Selections from T.S. Eliot

January 7

Poetry Reading: Selections from Dylan Thomas, David Gascoyne, and Wyndham Lewis

January 14

Thesiger reads “The Deserted Village” by Oliver Goldsmith

February 21

Saturday Night Theatre “Youth at the Helm”

March 12

Chairman of the Bank

“The Deserted Village” read by Thesiger

March 30

“The Deserted Village” read by Thesiger

April 21

Saturday Night Theatre “The Life of King Henry V”

April 23

King of France


“The Perfect Fool” opera in one act

March 2

The Storyteller

“King Lear”

September ?

Earl of Gloucester

Excerpt from the film “Laughter in Paradise”

October 20

Excerpt from the film “Scrooge”

December 26


The Week’s Good Cause on behalf of the Friends of the Poor

February 10

The Week’s Good Cause on behalf of the Friends of the Poor

May 11


“Henry the Eighth”

June 14

Lord Chancellor


“For Collectors”

November 10

Thesiger describes his collection of 200 pieces of Victorian mercury glassware


“Desert Island Discs”

March 16

Thesiger discusses records he would choose to have with him if he were condemned to spend the rest of his life on a desert island


Because of the BBC practice of not archiving programs, it’s unlikely much of Ernest’s radio work survives.