Ernest Thesiger as Bagoas


April 5, 1919

Kingsway Theatre, London

April 30 - ?, 1919


“Apart from Miss McCarthy, Mr. Thesiger, whose performance as Bagoas must have astonished those who only knew him on the stage as a frivolous flaneur, was the sole character who conveyed any sense of the general uncanniness of things.”

“Ernest Thesiger, the Bagoas, grew sterner as the hour of performance came nearer. I don't think he smiled on Monday at all. He is really an artist. He gave a magnificent performance.”

Arnold Bennett, author of the play “Judith.”

Punch, May 14, 1919

“...Mr. Ernest Thesiger is a sinuous and slimy eunuch of Holofernes’ harem, a Dulac caricature, whose posturing is a delicious commentary on the movements of our oriental danseuses.”

The Cambridge Magazine, May 10, 1919

“And the weary Thesiger was admirably depraved as a cross between a Chief Magician and a very wicked butler.”

The Sketch, June 4, 1919

“...the eunuch of Mr. Ernest Thesiger is a whole-hearted study in viciousness that will cause most playgoers to shudder, so vile and evil a thing does he look.”

The London Illustrated News, May 10, 1919

“Mr. Ernest Thesiger as the Chief Eunuch suggested very cleverly a sort of impish foppishness which could not have been bettered.  He has moved a long step forward now that he is released from the bonds of a particular type of farcical character.”

Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, May 10, 1919