Ernest Thesiger

by others


photo by Percy Grainger, c. 1904

charcoal sketch by John Singer Sargent, c. 1912

by Sir Gerald Kelly, 1920

by William Bruce Ellis Ranken, 1919

by Gluck, 1925

by Alexander Christie, 1937

sculpture of Ernest wearing his pearls, by Sava Botzaris, 1929

photo by Karl Pollak, c. 1948

“Caricaturists innumerable have amused themselves at my expense, but my face is so queer that the best portrait is caricature enough.”

Ernest Thesiger, Practically True

c. 1930s

c. 1910s

c. 1930s

bronze by Eric Schilsky c. 1930


Photo by Maurice Beck and Macgregor, British Vogue, Early April, 1925.

Female character for a revue or possibly a party costume, inspired by the Robert W. Service poem, “The Harpy.” 1920s. Photo: University of Bristol/ArenaPal

Photo by Vivienne, c. 1934

c. 1946

c. 1959