“Edward II”

Ernest Thesiger as Piers Gaveston

Regent Theatre, London

November 18 - 19, 1923

2 perf


“Mr. Ernest Thesiger was admirably cast for the part of Piers Gaveston, looked well, and gave an excellent performance.”

The Spectator, November 24, 1923

“As I walked home I thought chiefly of poor Piers Gaveston, whose fault in English eyes was, I am persuaded, not that he was dissolute, but that he was witty.  Or perhaps it was Mr. Ernest Thesiger’s wonderful portrayal in Marlowe’s great play which has made me think so.”

James Agate, Leamington Spa Courier, April 11, 1924

Photo: University of Bristol/ArenaPal;www.arenapal.com