“A Little Bit of Fluff”

Ernest Thesiger as Bertram Tully


Q Film Productions


“I received a large salary for appearing in a film version of A Little Bit of Fluff, but having never filmed before was entirely ignorant of the technique, and the producer never attempted to explain the different methods of acting according to whether one is near to or far from the camera. He himself was so ignorant of picture-making that he imagined that because I had made a success in the play I should do equally well on the screen.  He was lamentably wrong, and I was a complete failure.  Afterwards, with a little more experience, I learnt what could have been taught me in a few minutes; but having made a failure of what ought to have been my success, my later-acquired technique didn’t help me to get many offers from film-makers.”

Ernest Thesiger, Practically True

“Everybody likes a good laugh.  Let us recommend one, viz, A Little Bit of Fluff, a Q film with Dorothy Minto and Ernest Thesiger.  It’s a perfect scream from start to finish, and the acting in several of the ludicrous scenes is clever - that’s the very word for it.  We believe that this is Ernest Thesiger’s first appearance in the movies.”

Cinema Chat, May 26, 1919

The Era, April 23, 1919

“The screen version of the most successful farce staged during the last twenty years was simply a riot of extraordinary and mirth-provoking scenes, and during its projection large audiences were continually laughing in the hearty manner that tells of real appreciation and enjoyment.  Ernest Thesiger, as Bertram Tully, was the outstanding character of the film, and his facial expressions were truly wonderful achievements.”

The Derbyshire Advertiser, April 16, 1920